Girbau Boats is a shipyard devoted to designing and building marine pleasure craft.

Girbau Boats is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean: the Northern Costa Brava, specifically Cap de Creus; a place where the mountains meet the sea.

For centuries the Mediterranean has been a privileged setting for trade and cultural exchange. Cities and civilizations have flourished along its coastline, and its colours and light have been a source of inspiration for man and his creations.

For years, thanks to transport and fishing, life has thrived in the Mediterranean, whose calm and warm waters have also provided a unique setting for leisure and sailing.

It is in this privileged location that Girbau Boats designs and builds its products, fired with its great passion for detail and a taste for aesthetics that are in tune with the environment, and with a highly demanding attitude in terms of quality, incorporating the latest technologies to make your vessel a product that is unique, comfortable, reliable and with its own personality