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The G30 from Girbau Boats is a Mediterranean gem, combining a modern and contemporary design with the essence of Mediterranean navigation. This model, adapted to the latest technologies, stands out for its comfort and habitability both outside and inside. With a length of 30 feet, the G30 maximizes space without incurring registration tax.

Built with high-quality materials and finishes, the G30 reflects artisanal and local craftsmanship, ensuring durability and elegance in every detail.

Designed for crossings and overnight stays, the G30 is perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean in all its splendor. Its spacious exterior can accommodate up to 10 people during the day, while its cozy cabin can comfortably house 4 people at night, offering an ideal refuge after a day of sailing.

Equipped with the latest navigation and home automation technologies, this model offers an advanced and safe navigation experience. Its two YANMAR engines, with shaft transmission, and the option of bow and/or stern thruster, ensure exceptional maneuverability. With a cruising speed of 25 knots, the G30 combines efficiency and performance, allowing you to reach your destination with style and speed.

Unlike other models like the G28 and the G27 Open, the G30 allows for longer crossings thanks to its better habitability and its two engines. However, it is still perfect for enjoying a summer day with friends and family.

Technical specs G30
Eslora total: 9,18 m
Eslora casco: 7,94 m
Manga máxima: 2,95 m
Calado: 0,85 m
Desplazamiento: 3.800 Kg
Capacidad personas: 10
Capacidad tanque carburante: 2x270 l
Capacidad tanque agua: 110 l
Capacidad tanque aguas negras: 80 l
Capacidad de pernocta: 4
Categoría de navegación: B
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